TRIPLEKINI. 3x BikiniWax. 51,- Save 14,85!

3x bikiniwax for €51
The Triplekini saves you €14,85!

The rules:

1. The Tripleback is bound to location, time and person.

3. You cannot share the discount with others

4. The discount is valid for 12 weeks

At Strips, we consider the Triplekini as some sort of ‘fitness for your hair’. If you get regular waxing treatments, you’ll notice better results and less ingrown hairs.

The discount is valid for 8 weeks from the start of your first treatment. This means you can have a treatment every 4 weeks. If, due to circumstances, you’re not able to fit this into your schedule, you can prolong the discount with 4 additional weeks. Prolonging the discount for 4 weeks costs an extra €7. However, this means you still enjoy a total discount of €17,85. We would advice you to stay within the 8 weeks period, in order to achieve the best results.

You can buy the Triplekini in one of our salons. And it’s now available online as well. 

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