At Strips Wax Industry we wax everything! Check the treatments below. You can book these options online or directly in one of our salons.

Is the treatment you’re hoping for not on the list? No problem! Ask one of our Strippers about it and we’ll make it happen.



Waxing of the facial areas, including forehead.



Waxing and modelling of the hairs underneath, above and in-between the eyebrows.


Upper lip

Waxing of the hairs on the upper lip.



Waxing of the hairs on the chin.



Waxing of the hairs on both cheeks.



Waxing of the hairs on the chest and around the nipples (for guys).



Waxing of the hairs ranging from the lower back to the neck and part of the shoulders (for guys).



Waxing from shoulders to hands.



Waxing of the hairs underneath the armpits.



Waxing of the hairs ranging from the top of your underwear until your diaphragm.



Waxing of the hairs that show outside your underwear. We will remove some of the hairs inside this area, but not the hairs that grow on the labia.



Waxing of all the hairs in the pubic area (including the hairs on the labia).


Brazilian for him

Waxing of all the hairs in the male pubic area.



Waxing of the hairs around the stringline.


Brazilian mixed wax

Waxing of all the hairs in the pubic area using 2 different waxes.




Waxing of all the hairs on the buttocks. Waxing the area around the anus is not included.


Lower Legs

Waxing of all the hairs ranging from the knee to the feet.



Waxing of all the hairs going 3 cm from the groin until the knees.



Waxing of all the hairs going 3 cm from the groin until the feet.


100% Waxed

Waxing of the arms, armpits, full legs and a Brazilian wax including waxing of the anus. This treatment is unisex.



Of course, all of the combinations are possible. Furthermore, if you combine two treatments on the same appointment you’ll get a discount.

10% for 2 treatments

15% for 3 treatments

20% for 4 treatments


The discount will be automatically processed during the checkout of your appointment.

* Booking a full brazilian or a whole legs treatment? The discount is already calculated in the bookingtool.



Strips uses 2 different ways of waxing:


Hot Wax (also known as the Strips Wax)

Hot wax is being applied and stripped away with strips.


Film Wax (also known as Hard Wax)

The wax is applied directly to the skin. It cools down quickly and forms a rubbery substance. The wax will be taken off the skin without the use of strips.


The differences

The main difference is that the Film Wax doesn’t attach to the skin, but only the hairs. Therefore, we recommend this type of wax to people with sensitive skin.

A treatment with Hot Wax is faster than a treatment with Film Wax.


Would you like more info or do you have any questions? Our strippers are there for you!


At Strips we do more than only waxing, We have 3 Facials for you to choose from:



Touch-up StripsFacial
* 30 minutes for every men or female.

Clean & Polished StripsFacial
* 60 minutes deep cleaning facial.

Complete StripsFacial
* 75 minutes deep cleaning facial including face-massage.

All facials are given by very experienced beauticians.